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Business description

・Job training seminar hold for machine design work
・Machine / Electricity design and drawing
・Various industry equipment manufacture


●Labor saving equipment and work-saving machines
●Various automatic assemble equipment
●Various automatic conveyance equipment
●Various automatic washer equipment
●Various automatic measurement equipment
●Test equipment and Jig
●Electrical equipment design and sequence control equipment
●Technical illustration
the others

Our design result

●LCD production facilities
     Tab be loaded equipment
     Wsher equipment
     Clean booth
●A part of automatic assemble equipment for an aoutomobile
●A part of washer equipment for an automobile
●A film inspection equipment / a part supply equipment
●A plimbing implement


CAD drawing, it is an activism curriculum
Department / practical skill / a level evaluate examination


T&J is any time recruit, please do not desitate to call us,
  we recruit young engineer who interested in machine design.

Recruitment occupation

1. Machine design
2. Machine drawing

An applicant capacity

1. Machine design
■Graduate from engineering university
  over the three years who is experienced in business
  25-30 ages
2. Machine drawing
■Graduate from engineering college
  20-25 ages

A salary

We would like to consider your ability and experience due to the our company rules

Working hours

9.00am - 18.00pm

Working place

Our company

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